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21% x 38%. The St. Louis Art Museum. 57 The Bridle Path, White Mountains. 1 868. Oil. 24H x 38. 58 Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute. TOEr Long Branch. 1869. Oil. 16 x 2 1 V2. 59 Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. r "^i^' OPPOSITE, above: On the Beach, c. 1870. Oil. 15 x 24V2. Canajoharie Library and Art Gallery. OPPOSITE, below: Beach Scene, An Adirondack Lake. c. 1870. Oil. 1 1 V4 x ioi/4. Private Collection. 1870. Oil. 24 x 38. Henry Gallery, University of Washington. 60 ^ :j*»» -"^'KS- V- Crossing the Pasture, c.

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Successfully designed. viewpoint and emphasis. His works of were much preoccupied with women. But less in evidence, traces of artistic and these young ladies his attitude was less were picking flowers, catching butterflies, reposing in hammocks, reading novels, embroidering, and engaged in other gentle female occupations, or simply sitting in revery. Often they were individuals instead of parts of a scene. The note of sentiment was clearer but implicit rather than explicit: an appreciation of feminine grace but Though more intimate, the artist's attitude was bordered on sweetness, but their unmistakable Still not idealized, his women shown far from reality were portrayed with a 31 sensual.

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