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By Ernest Thompson Seton

Enticing tales of 7 extra animals, together with Coaly-Bay, the outlaw horse; Foam, the razor-backed hog; Way-atcha, the raccoon of Kilder Creek; Billy, the puppy that made strong; Atalpha, the winged brownie; the wild ducks of Wyndygoul; and Jinny, the mischievous monkey. With over two hundred sketches by way of the writer. appropriate for a while eleven and up.

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She washed his wounded nose. She brought him some warm milk in a saucer, but he did not understand it that way. Hours went by and still he crouched in dull, motionless despair. Then Lizette's own nurse came with a feeding bottle. Foam kicked, squealed, and champed his jaws, but strong hands wrapped him up in a cloth. The bottle feeder was put to his open mouth. It was warm and sweet. He was oh! so hungry now! He could no more help sucking than any other baby could, and when the bottle was empty, he slept the long sweet sleep he so much needed.

She searched the little paddock in vain, then whistled and whistled. She followed the trail of the hunters as far as she could, and then at the edge of a thick swamp she stopped. She was all alone. The swamp was open water or mud; it seemed foolish to go on, so she listened a minute, then gave two or three sharp whistled blasts. A soggy noise was heard, a splashing that gave her the creeps, it sounded so Bearlike. Then a grunt, and there appeared a muddy beast of no particular shape, but surely at one end were two small blinking eyes and from somewhere beneath them a friendly sounding grunt.

It is usual to buy some worthless horse or cow, drive it into the mountains where the Bears are, and kill it there. " The gardener replied: "Look at him there, ain't he a beauty? " "We are looking for an old Bear-bait, and five dollars is our limit," replied the hunter. Horses were cheap and plentiful in that country; buyers were scarce. The gardener feared that Coaly-bay would escape. " The hunter handed him five dollars, then said: "Now, stranger, bargain's settled. " "Mighty simple. He can't be rode.

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