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By Byron Katie

      This booklet is a suite of 15 dialogues that happened in the course of the usa and Europe with Byron Katie. the various those that labored with Katie have painful health problems, others are lovelorn or in messy divorces. a few are easily annoyed with a co-worker or nervous approximately funds. What all of them have in universal is a willingness to query, with Katie’s aid, the painful strategies which are the genuine explanation for their pain. In each case we see how Katie’s acute brain and fierce kindness is helping every person dismantle for themselves what's felt to be unshakable fact. even if those dialogues make interesting reading—some are either hilarious and deeply relocating at once—they are meant essentially as educating instruments. every one happened in entrance of an viewers, and Katie by no means misplaced reference to that viewers, again and again reminding everyone within the room to keep on with the dialogues inwardly, asking themselves the questions the player needs to ask. The discussion among Katie and those volunteers is an exterior enactment of exactly the form of discussion everyone may have with their very own strategies. the consequences, even within the probably such a lot dire scenario, will be unimagined freedom and pleasure.

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Katie: Why? Valerie: Because I don't want other people to have to take care of me. Katie: Why? Valerie: That's a good one to investigate. I've never gone there. That's a really scary place to go! Katie: You would deprive us of that privilege? Valerie: I'm supposed to be the caretaker. Katie: Oh, really? Valerie: Yes. Katie: Is that true? Valerie: No, no. Katie: Can you receive? You know how to give. Step into receiving. Step into the good part-it's equal. Complete it. So you don't want us to take care of you-why?

Sandra: My face is more passive. I don't smile, I don't ... I'm not happy. I don't really care what they're feeling. 48 Katie: So can you see a reason to drop the story "I can't stand it"? Sandra: Yes. Katie: Give me a peaceful reason to keep this story. Sandra: No, there isn't one. Katie: How do you react when you believe the thought "I can't stand it"? Feel it. Maybe your shoulders slump, your head goes down, or there's a feeling of tiredness. Now you have to live that, even at the grocery store, to prove to people that you're a person who can't stand it.

Valerie: Then I hate myself for it. Katie: Well, it's because you haven't been honest about it. " But that's a lie. The reason I know you want to take drugs is that you do. You want to take drugs so that you can sleep. Valerie: Right. Katie: So now you get to sleep, and you're doing what you approve of to do it. But it's a lie to say, "I don't want to take drugs," if that's how you sleep. So read that one again. Valerie: I want the sleep disorder to disappear. Katie: So "You have a sleep disorder"-is that true?

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