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Ever ask yourself concerning the which means of lifestyles? Why we are right here? What the Universe is all approximately? The strength that expressed itself via Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, Edgar Cayce and different nice avatars who served as channels for what's as a rule known as God communicates back this day because the global starts off to go into a interval of non secular Ascension with a brand new realization and wisdom. This strength, which refers to itself as Cosmic wisdom, has dictated this publication as a suite of a hundred and forty four conscientiously established classes that took over 10 years to create. they're designed to guide you, step-by-step, from the place you're to the place you must be. This extraordinary details starts off with Cosmic know-how explaining what it really is, how the Universe used to be created, and leads you thru delivery, early life, maturity, magic, intercourse, loss of life and much past into different dimensions - explaining all the mysterious "Secrets of the Universe" that everybody is seeking absolutely the resolution of "Who, in reality, you actually Are."

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As part of that God or Ultimate Vibration, you also are appearing and disappearing four quadrillion times per second. If portions of consciousness operating at this rate of vibration are able to be fragmented, slowed, in stepped down frequencies, as is commonly done in electronics, creating not overtones, but undertones of frequencies which vibrate at slower rates, then these undertone frequencies become the subsystems that vibrate at slower speeds, even while they are still held in the image or Mind of God or the Ultimate Frequency.

In reality, matter is, as the poet said, “such stuff as dreams are made” or in other words, matter itself is mind stuff, or images in the Cosmic Mind. All is Cosmic Mind, and those things that appear separate are but fragmented portions of that Cosmic Mind—of which all matter and all beings within the universe are made. The appearance of separateness is also illusion due to the ignorance or ignoring aspect of that fragmented part. The fragmentations that make up these apparently separate entities and partitions of Cosmic Mind are as subsystems in the information processing and contain within themselves certain amounts of information sufficient to maintain aspects of their own subsystem for a time.

This helps one to think for oneself instead of merely being a parrot or echo of another’s mind. 24 Concepts to Understand Before You Start Equally disturbing to reasonable behavior is the one who superficially and thoughtlessly disagrees with others’ ideas, and thinks that by so doing he or she is thinking independently. A pugnacious reaction does not indicate individuality of thought, but merely a mechanically reactive pattern of opposing another’s idea, whatever it may be. Words can be used for many purposes.

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