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By DSS John-Roger, Paul Kaye DSS

Useful and profound, this advisor to getting to know a real self in the back of the “parts” performed in daily life offers the data and suggestion essential to in attaining success. frequently taking a funny standpoint, this paintings is situated on a trust that the instruments we use to mislead ourselves and others are an analogous instruments we have to understand ourselves greater. Guided meditation is one in all a sequence of practices on the heart of this approach that slowly brings into concentration an wisdom of existence and its chances.

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But no matter how much money and success the false self acquires, it is never enough, so we remain greedy for more. We compare ourselves to others and come up short; then we collapse in feelings of lack and fear about the future. It is a vicious circle: each fix, each solution, becomes tomorrow’s problem. And yet the true self is always present, silent in the midst of all of the commotion, remaining loving, joyful, and unconditional. Since the false self is just an act, whatever we do as the false self— worrying, being impatient, judging—is merely a performance.

This awareness is present and alert at all times, monitoring the body, mind, emotions, and imagination. The observer is nonjudgmental, neutral, and unconditionally loving. This is the true self. The true self has its own language. Joyfulness and loving—love in action—are expressions of the true self. This form of loving is not to be confused with romantic love. Romantic love is conditional: we love someone for what they will do for us or give us, and once they stop giving us what we want, we withdraw our love and give it to someone else we think will fill our needs.

There is a simple but powerful exercise you can use in any situation to move out of the false self and into the true self. Say you are driving and someone cuts in front of you, or you are stuck in traffic when you have an important appointment to get to, or you’re in a hurry to go somewhere and the kids are screaming, or your boss is really on your case, or you’re calling your health insurer and get stuck in an automated-phone-system nightmare, whatever the situation, just say three words: I love this.

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