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By Thomas M. Kostigen

An exploration of the which means and importance of cash within the twenty first century, by way of "CBS MarketWatch" columnist Thomas Kostigen. utilizing candid interviews with favorite financial, monetary and religious leaders, American households, criminal inmates, welfare moms and lottery winners to demonstrate his observations, he investigates how funds is made, received and wanted in present day society and seeks to spot its worth past its advertisement and monetary that means. With mental and monetary perception, Kostigen ponders the questions on the vanguard of our cognizance: the place does our urge for food for cash come from? How a lot is required for survival? How imperative is it to id? Can it particularly purchase happiness? the writer strains money's that means via key monetary associations and innovations, throughout the houses and workspaces of ordinary americans, and into the temples of some of the international religions. Interview applicants comprise Yale economics professor Martin Shubik; Dee Hock, founding father of Visa; Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz; developer Donald Trump; and Rabbi Burt Visotszky.

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– Giuseppe Fontana, collage of Leeds, united kingdom and collage of Sannio, Italy.

Contributors: A. Asensio, R. Bellofiore, R. W. Dimand, A. Fumagalli, C. Gnos, R. Guttmann, J. Halevi, E. Hein, S. Karagiannis, T. T. Koutsobinas, S. Lucarelli, Y. Panagopoulos, A. Parguez, L. -P. Rochon, S. Rossi, M. Sawyer, U. ? ener, M. Setterfield, R. Sobreira, A. D. Spiliotis, A. Truger, P. Zendron.

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