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Verilog HDL is a language for electronic layout, simply as C is a language for programming. this whole Verilog HDL reference progresses from the elemental Verilog options to the main complicated innovations in electronic layout. Palnitkar covers the gamut of Verilog HDL basics, similar to gate, RTL, and behavioral modeling, all of the approach to complex techniques, resembling timing simulation, swap point modeling, PLI, and common sense synthesis. Verilog HDL is a description language (with a consumer group of greater than 50,000 energetic designers) used to layout and record digital structures. This thoroughly up to date reference progresses from easy to complex options in electronic layout, together with timing simulation, change point modeling, PLI, and good judgment synthesis.

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The module names and port lists for both module declarations in Verilog are as shown in Example 4-2. 2 Port Declaration All ports in the list of ports must be declared in the module. 3 Hierarchical Names We described earlier how Verilog supports a hierarchical design methodology. Every module instance, signal, or variable is defined with an identifier. A particular identifier has a unique place in the design hierarchy. Hierarchical name referencing allows us to denote every identifier in the design hierarchy with a unique name.

We discuss the syntax in much greater detail in the later chapters. 1 Design Block We use a top-down design methodology. 2, 4-bit Ripple Carry Counter). Example 2-3 Ripple Carry Counter Top Block module ripple_carry_counter(q, clk, reset); output [3:0] q; input clk, reset; //4 instances of the module T_FF are created. T_FF tff0(q[0],clk, reset); T_FF tff1(q[1],q[0], reset); T_FF tff2(q[2],q[1], reset); T_FF tff3(q[3],q[2], reset); endmodule In the above module, four instances of the module T_FF (T-flipflop) are used.

This makes it the language of choice for designers. All fabrication vendors provide Verilog HDL libraries for postlogic synthesis simulation. Thus, designing a chip in Verilog HDL allows the widest choice of vendors. The Programming Language Interface (PLI) is a powerful feature that allows the user to write custom C code to interact with the internal data structures of Verilog. Designers can customize a Verilog HDL simulator to their needs with the PLI. 6 Trends in HDLs The speed and complexity of digital circuits have increased rapidly.

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