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Islands--as good as complete continents--are reputed to have disappeared in lots of elements of the area. but there's little details in this topic relating its greatest ocean, the Pacific. through the years, geologists have collected facts that time to the incontrovertible fact of islands having disappeared within the Pacific, a phenomenon that the oral traditions of many teams of Pacific Islanders additionally spotlight. There are even a number of cases the place fragments of Pacific continents have disappeared, changing into hidden from view instead of being submerged. during this scientifically rigorous but without difficulty understandable account of the attention-grabbing topic of vanished islands and hidden continents within the Pacific, the writer levels all over the place, from reasons of the region's old historical past to the meanings of island myths. utilizing either unique and updated details, he exhibits that there's genuine worth in bringing jointly myths and the geological figuring out of land movements.
an outline of the Pacific Basin and the "ups and downs" of the land inside of its huge ocean is by way of chapters explaining how--long prior to people arrived during this a part of the world--islands and continents that now not exist have been as soon as current. A succinct account is given of human cost of the area and the institution of cultural contexts for the statement of occasional catastrophic earth-surface adjustments and their encryption in folklore. the writer additionally addresses the power myths of a "sunken continent" within the Pacific, which grew to become common after eu arrival and have been in this case included into new age and pseudoscience reasons of our planet and its population. eventually, he offers unique information and learn on island disappearances witnessed through people, recorded in oral and written traditions, and judged by way of geoscience to be genuine. Examples are drawn from through the Pacific, displaying that not just have islands collapsed, or even vanished, in the previous few hundred years, yet that also they are prone to achieve this sooner or later. Examples are drawn from through the Pacific, exhibiting that not just have islands collapsed, or even vanished, in the previous few hundred years, yet that also they are susceptible to achieve this sooner or later.

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But as their uppermost parts sink slowly below sea level, they are flattened by marine erosion to create a distinctive type of drowned island called a guyot. 54 It is also worth mentioning at this point that sometimes even within the coral seas, islands do sink without trace. Much clearly depends on the rate at which the subsidence occurs; rapid subsidence, perhaps coseismic, may drop an island coast below the photic zone in a matter of seconds. 6. The Subsidence Theory of Atoll Formation. a. The process of atoll formation begins when a volcanic island in the coral seas, surrounded by a fringing reef growing upward from shallow foundations, begins to sink.

Around that time, most of the continental crust of the earth had aggregated into the supercontinent Rodinia. 23 The edge of the nascent Pacific Ocean is likely to have been a good place to live because, as Rodinia broke up, in perhaps a mere 180 million years, the accompanying increase in continental coastline produced an unparalleled diversification of climates. 24 The disaggregation of Rodinia created a huge diversity of environments for occupation by specially adapted life-forms, and the increase in atmospheric oxygen provided the important impetus for their evolution.

As is seen in chapter 5, certain aspects of the human history of the Pacific during the period of postglacial sea-level rise are explainable by the effects of catastrophic sea-level rise events (CREs). These CREs resulted from the rupture of natural dams that held back huge lakes of meltwater on the continents. The water poured down valleys and into the ocean, raising its level comparatively rapidly. 1. a. Echo-sounding trace by RV Horizon across the top of Alexa Bank, one of the first submerged islands to be mapped and examined.

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