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By Jonathan S Kaplan PhD

In city Mindfulness, a psychologist deals advice and methods for utilizing mindfulness meditation to rework the standard day-by-day stresses, hassles, and joys of daily city dwelling and to domesticate calm and stability within the traumatic lives of urban dwellers.

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See if you can get in touch with some of the sensual aspects of the present moment your pet or baby might be experiencing (for example, temperature, sound, lightness or darkness, and so on). Watch how your mini mindfulness master interacts with the present moment. Does your pet or baby seem to be experiencing something pleasant, unpleasant, or neutral? What behaviors or expressions do you notice that lead you to this conclusion? What is your own experience of this moment? Are you having a similar reaction or a completely different one?

If none of these strategies works, you might simply need some time alone. Research shows that we find overcrowding stressful because of a lack of desired privacy (Ramsden 2009). So maybe the dissatisfaction you feel while talking with your roommate or partner comes from doing so at a time when you would rather be alone. In such circumstances, discuss your need for more solitude and see what arrangements you can make. Though initiating this conversation might be awkward at first, it prevents future arguments and helps you feel more relaxed at home.

You also don’t need to be too concerned with decorating your space. Flowers, candles, or images can be inviting and supportive, but they’re not required. In formal zazen meditation, people meditate while staring at a blank wall—not too inspiring, but it works. Establish a consistent time, ritual, or both for your home meditation. To best support your practice, it helps to meditate routinely at a particular time of day. Most people choose the morning, because it’s generally quieter and our minds haven’t quite gotten going yet.

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