Download United States Martial Pistols and Revolvers: A Reference and by Arcadi Gluckman PDF

By Arcadi Gluckman

A historic reference for a couple of hundred handguns.

United States Martial Pistols and Revolvers, first released in 1939, offers firearm creditors and fans with a unmarried authoritative quantity containing info at the improvement and outline of martial brief fingers, from the flintlock pistol that was once on hand on the beginning of the state to the most recent to be had handguns throughout the international battle I.

This ebook is very invaluable to creditors as an immense reference resource, supplying a list of single-shot pistols, revolvers, and semiautomatic pistols, over the interval of 1799–1917. Gluckman covers the short histories of multiple hundred handguns, going into the categorical information of the chemistry of gunpowder and the improvement of the 1st computerized firearms. Following innovators like Reverend Alexander Forsyth, John P. Lindsay, and Samuel Colt, the evolution of the guns is punctiliously tested over time.

The accomplished textual content is followed through a chain of unique illustrations of the pistols and revolvers, demonstrating the specifics of many gun mechanisms. For specialists and the extra informal hobbyist alike, this ebook bargains a different selection of details on martial pistols and revolvers within the usa, up until eventually WWI.

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