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By K. M. Newton

A completely revised variation of this profitable undergraduate advent to literary concept, this article contains center items by way of best theorists from Russian Formalists to Postmodernist and Post-colonial critics. an awesome instructing source, with precious introductory notes to every chapter.

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Abolishing Death: A Salvation Myth of Russian Twentieth-Century Literature

The belief of abolishing dying was once some of the most influential myth-making recommendations expressed in Russian literature from 1900 to 1930, particularly within the works of writers who attributed a "life-modeling" functionality to artwork. To them, paintings used to be to create a existence so aesthetically equipped and excellent that immortality will be an inevitable end result.

A ''strange sapience'': the creative imagination of D.H. Lawrence

The purpose of this e-book is twofold: to use the elemental insights of psychoanalytic idea to D. H. Lawrence and his works and to reach at a deeper appreciation of inventive techniques ordinarily. even though Lawrence himself used to be severe of psychoanalysis as a self-discipline, he however created a memorable physique of fiction that probed the fight of individuals attempting to in attaining wholeness within the face of constricting mental and environmental stumbling blocks.

Dostoevsky's religion

Any reader of Dostoevsky is straight away struck through the significance of faith in the global of his fiction. That acknowledged, it's very tricky to find a coherent set of non secular ideals inside Dostoevsky’s works, and to argue that the author embraced those ideals. This booklet offers a trenchant reassessment of his faith by means of exhibiting how Dostoevsky used his writings because the automobile for an severe probing of the character of Christianity, of the person that means of trust and doubt, and of the issues of moral habit that come up from those questions.

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The New Criticism and Leavisian Criticism 27 seems much more profitable to use the present occasion for dealing with some persistent misunderstandings and objections. In the first place, to make the poem or the novel the central concern of criticism has appeared to mean cutting it loose from its author and from his life as a man, with his own particular hopes, fears, interests, conflicts, etc. A criticism so limited may seem bloodless and hollow ... In the second place, to emphasize the work seems to involve severing it from those who actually read it, and this severance may seem drastic and therefore disastrous.

Nothing in ideological creation goes beyond these laws; they are active in every nook and cranny of the ideological construction. Everything in this process of constant dialectical interaction preserves its individuality. Art does not stop being art, Russian Formalism and Prague Structuralism 13 science is always science. And, at the same time, the sociological laws of development do not lose their unity and comprehensive determining force. The truly scholarly study of literary history can only be built on the basis of this dialectical conception of the individuality and interaction of the various ideological phenomena ....

Only dialectics can avoid both normativism and dogmatism in definitions and their positivistic atomization into a multiplicity of disconnected facts only conditionally connected. Therefore, the role of historical poetics is to prepare the historical perspective for the generalizing and synthesizing definitions of sociological poetics .... 14 TWENTIETH-CENTURY LITERARY THEORY Until, we have a sociological poetics, albeit of a basic, exceedingly simple variety, the productive elaboration of literary history on the monistic basis of the Marxist sociological methods is impossible ....

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