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By Martin Pegg

The Transportflieger was once a major yet frequently forgotten arm of the Luftwaffe, chargeable for supplying crucial offers and battlefield aid to either the Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe in the course of their international battle II campaigns throughout Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, North Africa, the Mediterranean, and eventually the Ardennes and the continues to be of the Reicht. This publication comprehensively covers the Transportflieger and its mythical workhorse, the Ju52, in its delivery, parachute, and airlift roles. additionally lined are others within the wide selection of attention-grabbing plane hired via the Transportflieger, together with the big Me321 and Me323 Gigant heavy-lift glider and six-engined transporter, in addition to the striking multi-engined Ju290, Ju352 Herkules, Ju390, and the large Bv222 flying boat. The book's a number of images and colour works of art function an exceptional reference for aviation historians and modelers. The booklet additionally comprises first-hand memories from those that truly flew with the Transportflieger through the warfare.

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In addition to high noise level, high control column forces and short range, it was claimed that manoeuvrability was poor and that radio communication range was insufficient. The LaGG-3's range could be increased very quickly; it was delivered for its flight tests complete with two external drop tanks. While no great contribution had been made to the aircraft's performance, the production rate had increased. Between 200 and 270 fighters went from Gorkii to the battlefield every month in the winter and spring of 1942.

The attachment fitting of the landing gear shock struts was welded directly to the front spar, and the shock strut stroke was increased to soften shock absorption. Changes in the structure of the main spars made it possible to reduce the total weight of the wing. 5 to 102 gallons (539 to 464 litres) and eliminating the wingtip tanks which hampered manoeuvrability. The first aircraft incorporating all of these changes was sent to the NIl WS and LII, where it was tested during December 1942 and January 1943.

While the LaGG-3 was generally inferior to the Bf109G, Soviet pilots who had gained sufficient combat experience fought successfully against the German fighter. Type '105' aggravated by the plant's evacuation to Tbilisi in Georgia, in the inner regions of the Soviet Union. The unification of two aircraft plants proved to be very difficult. 21, the primary manufacturer, had ceased. 23, which had also been evacuated into inner Russia, as it was planned to produce the MiG-3 there. The Tbilisi plant was therefore the sole manufacturer of the LaGG-3.

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