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By Karl Dawson

Because the viewers for EFT and tapping grows, this e-book deals a perfectly based strategy to harness tapping for deep paintings with ideals.

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She had woken up, faced her beliefs and wanted to help others do the same, so she trained with Karl in early 2010. Most of the five-day course was spent crying as she faced her past, but over the next three years, alongside running a successful writing business and publishing e-books, she facilitated EFT tapping groups, saw hundreds of clients and ran ‘EFT Creativity’ workshops. She also credits her son’s painless and drug-free birth, ‘the most spiritual, joyful and intense event’ in her life, to a combination of Matrix Reimprinting, EFT and Hypnobirthing®.

So this amazing filing system can absorb 1 million times more information than the conscious mind in a single moment. For example, if you were in a restaurant and someone dropped a glass, your conscious mind would capture 40 pieces of information about that moment, but your subconscious mind would take in 40 million pieces of information, from the smell of the dinner on your plate to the expression on the manager’s face, to the clothes you were wearing… and the list goes on. Staying with a food theme, imagine you are invited to a posh dinner party and lobster is brought out as the main course.

But why do we go into the fight, flight, freeze response for different external signals? Why is Sarah scared of spiders but other people keep tarantulas as pets? It is due to the beliefs that were imprinted on us by emotional events in the past. In Sarah’s case, they are from her childhood, when she watched her mother scream and jump on a chair every time she saw even the tiniest spider. In essence, she was watching her mother become engulfed in the fight or flight response. For a small child, seeing your primary caregiver lose control can be a traumatic experience.

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