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All of the animals in Tommy Smith's local lived in worry of him. pondering that he might deal with them extra kindly if he knew extra approximately them, they each one agreed to fulfill him and proportion their lifestyles tale. In those conversations Tommy Smith did certainly study plenty of information regarding the animals: the nutrition they ate, the locations they slept, the enemies they confronted, and masses extra. during those encounters with the frog and toad, the rook, the rat, the hare, the snake, the peewit, the mole, the woodpigeon, the squirrel, and the owl, Tommy's middle did melt, and, because the barn owl had expected, he grew to become a pal to all of the animals. a number of black and white illustrations through G. W. Ord supplement the textual content. compatible for a long time 7 and up.

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Oh, Mr. " But the rook said, "Oh no! that would never do. No men are allowed at our trials. " "No," said Tommy Smith; "but that is because—" "Never mind why it is," interrupted the rook; "no doubt there is some good reason, and we have our reasons too. We could not try a rook properly if we thought a man was watching us. It would make us nervous. Sometimes (but not very often) a man has watched us without our knowing it, and then he has told everybody about our wonderful trials. But people have not believed him; and other men, who sit at home and see very little, and only believe what they see, have written to say it was all nonsense.

Said Tommy Smith. "I will explain it to you," said the rook. "So now listen, because you are going to learn something. There is an insect which you must often have seen, for it is very common in the spring-time. It is about the size of a very large humble-bee, and it has wings too, but you would not think it had at first, for they are hidden under a pair of smooth, brown covers, which are called shards. In the daytime it sits upon a tree or a bush, or sometimes you may see it crawling along a dusty road.

Very handsome—for a toad," said Tommy Smith. " "If you wait a little, you will see," said the frog. All this time the toad was pushing his old skin backwards and forwards with his two front feet, and he kept on doing this until, at last, he had rolled it up into a sort of ball. Then all at once he opened his great wide mouth and swallowed the ball, just as if it had been a large pill. Tommy Smith was so surprised that he could hardly believe his eyes. " he cried. "Of course I have," said the toad; "and the best thing to do with it, I think.

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