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Opposite to renowned trust, it's the tiger, now not the lion, who's the real king of the jungle. A male tiger can develop to 11 ft in size and weigh greater than 650 kilos. glossy, strong, and mysterious, the tiger is respected as a effective image of sexuality and ferocity in lots of cultures world wide. but the tiger’s power and sweetness has additionally been its downfall—nearly everything of the tiger has a cost to poachers, together with the animal’s disguise, tooth, bones, or even sexual organs. With Tiger, writer Susie eco-friendly explores the tiger’s new prestige as either predator and prey. She additionally examines the tiger’s wealthy cultural historical past, from its valued place in Taoist mythology and the chinese language Zodiac, to newer interpretations of the tiger’s prowess within the paintings of Salvador Dal?. clever, readable, and lushly illustrated, Tiger will entice the extensive viewers that admires this splendidly important but hugely endangered species. (20061103)

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The Belgian painter JeanJoseph Weerts (1847–1927) in his studio. 59 A melodramatic tiger abduction of a semi-clad European female, from G. P. Sanderson, Thirteen Years among the Wild Beasts of India (1882). The tiger, in the west a true exotic, being extremely difficult to transport from its eastern haven, was, according to Pliny, first seen at the dedication of the Temple of Marcellus in 11 bc. Tame and languishing in a cage it was probably a gift from an Indian king to the Emperor Augustus. But even caged tigers retained something of their sleek sensuality and hedonistic aura for, by the first or second century ad, Bacchus, also known as Dionysus, god of wine and mystical ecstasy, and whose cult members were known for their orgiastic behaviour, was being pictured riding a tiger.

Into undergrowth and covering it with earth, dry leaves and stones. One tiger in Billy Arjun Singh’s sanctuary in the Terrai, used to swim across a river, her prey gripped in her teeth, and submerge the body next to the far bank, which prevented terrestrial scavengers from following the scent and provided the tiger, who liked sitting in the water while eating, with a cool, refreshing and convenient drink. When times are hard, as they were during the Raj, and still can be, even in reserves tigers will fight each other to the death for a kill.

However, even trivial wounds on the back where the tiger’s great pink tongue cannot reach can be fatal because maggots soon colonize the wound, burrow their way through the tiger’s living flesh and finally attack her brain. Tigers have been seen rolling in mud to patch back wounds. The mud may itself have medicinal properties but importantly it prevents the maggots gaining ingress. Other selfmedications include eating grass and mud to aid digestion and rid themselves of parasites such as worms.

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