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By Dabney Adams Hart

"This publication makes a speciality of Lewis as a instructor, how he opens doorways by way of not easy 20th-century views... principles run via and unify the e-book. the 1st is that during all his writing Lewis inspire 'radical key' to all Lewis's serious and ingenious writings. Hart's target is to teach that there's in Lewis a unmarried, built-in, systematic thought of literature occupied with the significance of mind's eye and language. "The publication increases some of the correct questions on Lewis and explores them in a stimulating and informative way."

-Christianity and Literature

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In another context Lewis chose a biological analogy to describe the process of literary creation as artistic inspiration without intellectual control: 21 MYTH: THE MASTER KEY There is a stage in the invention of any long story at which the outsider would see nothing but chaos. Numerous alternatives written, half-written, and unwritten (the latter possibly the most influential of all) ferment together.... the story is an organism: it goes on surreptitiously growing or decaying while your back is turned.

Their mutual friend Tolkien expressed this conviction when he related the origin of fairy tales to the origin of language in the perception of concrete meaning. The key to the significance of the fairy story is in the double meaning of spell as story and as incantation. 35 It is interesting to note that the word gospel, the "good spell," incorporates both these meanings; by implication, the present-day translation "good news" reflects a change in the human imagination. ) We have retained the meaning of story only, since we are now more readily persuaded by news than by spells.

The scientist not only speaks a parody of technical jargon, but also is out of touch with the physical realities of the creation he claims to understand. For Weston's introductory "'To you I may seem a vulgar robber, but I bear on my shoulders the destiny of the human race,'" Ransom finds his own version rather unsatisfactory: "'Among us, Oyarsa, there is a kind of hnau who will take other hnaus' food and-things, when they are not looking. He says he is not an ordinary one of that kind. "'9 This contrast is reminiscent of Gulliver's attempts to explain European customs in other languages.

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