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By Tim Lahaye & Jerry B. Jenkins

This sequence is predicated at the best-selling grownup Left at the back of sequence. Readers will see the Rapture and Tribulation during the eyes of 4 teenagers who've been left in the back of

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They piled into the car, and Judd dialed the church as he drove. Loretta, Bruce's secre-tary, answered in her southern accent. She said Bruce was on the phone. Judd told her his problem. " "I don't rightly know. " "No, thanks. " That was encouraging, at least. Judd hated the thought of Ryan having called his bluff and making him follow through on his ulti-matum. Ryan reminded Judd so much of himself at that age. Judd had been in a church family, of course, but it was late in his twelfth year that he began to become rebel-lious.

He could hear LeRoy but he couldn't see him, so he knew LeRoy couldn't see him either. Ryan shot through the lawn at the side of his house, riding as fast as he ever had. His legs were burning, and he was gasping. He saw the headlights of the van just as he got to the fence and knew if he got off his bike and tried to slither through the fence on foot, LeRoy would see his bike and know where he was. He had to take a chance. He was afraid he was going to tear himself up, but he remem-bered that he had gotten in trouble with his dad the last time he crawled through that opening in the chain-link fence--- he had made the hole wider, and his dad had said Ryan was going to have to work with him when he fixed it.

He had made it his business to become a student of Bible prophecy and must have been spending almost every spare minute buried in the Bible and reference books. He told the kids that it was time to be on the lookout for a man the Bible called the Antichrist. "He will come offering peace and harmony, and many people will be fooled, thinking he's a good man with their best interests at heart. He will make some sort of an agreement with the nation of Israel, but it will be a lie. " Bruce explained the Tribulation as a period of suffering for all the people of the world, more suffering even than they had endured when millions of people had disappeared all at the same time.

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