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By William Walker Atkinson Atkinson

Being a sequence of classes in own Magnetism Psychic effect, Thought-Force focus, Will strength and useful psychological technology. Partial Contents: perspectives of different writers, vegetarianism, celibacy, deep respiring, own magnetism; How inspiration strength can make it easier to; Direct psychic effect; energy or the attention; Magnetic gaze; Volic strength; Direct volation; Telepathic volation; Adductive caliber of suggestion; personality construction via psychological regulate; paintings and perform of concentering.

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But the desired result can be obtained by the operation of the law of Mental Control. I can give you but a general idea of the workings of this great law, but if you will pay attention to what I have to say on the subject, you will grasp the principle, and will be able to work out your own salvation. The first point to remember is that we are all creatures of habit, bodily and mentally. Our characteristics are largely the result of habits of thought. We may have inherited impulses which made it easier to form certain habits, and more difficult to form certain habits of thought, and more difficult to form others, and we consequently move along the lines of the least resistance; but the character is, after all, the result of certain acquired habits.

Until you fully acquire this recognition you merely have to hold the thought for a moment, assert your real self by the affirmation “I AM,” accompanied with the mental conception of the real self. A mental image of yourself surrounded by a protecting thought aura which deflects the vibrations of others, will, of itself, cre- 43 WILLIAM W. ATKINSON THOUGHT-FORCE IN BUSINESS AND EVERYDAY LIFE ate an aura which deflects the vibrations of others, will, of itself, create an aura of moderate proportions which will last as long as you hold the thought, and will act as a perfect defense against outside vibrations.

The latter often reopens the connection previously established by telepathic volation - reestablishes the rapport conditions - and makes the balance of the interview much more in conformity with your desires. You must be governed by circumstances and must learn to apply the above stated methods to widely differing conditions. Its principles are correct and maybe apply, with appropriate variations, to any case in which you wish to influence another at a distance, preparatory to a personal interview.

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