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By John Brockman

This eye-opening examine the highbrow tradition of today--in which technology, no longer literature or philosophy, takes heart level within the debate over human nature and the character of the universe--is bound to spark fervent highbrow debate.

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They have some romantic idea about being difficult, and this is wrong. Why they do it, or why it's popular, is something I don't understand. I don't want to push it too much, because it's quite enough to ask this question inside science. I am not incomprehensible. Given an hour or so, I can make myself comprehensible. One of the differences between the traditions of science and the humanities is that the humanities have become traditions of reading and writing. People in these fields don't talk to each other.

Back to Contents Excerpted from The Third Culture: Beyond the Scientific Revolution by John Brockman (Simon & Schuster, 1995) . Copyright © 1995 by John Brockman. All rights reserved. html (5 of 5) [13-08-2002 21:35:29] The Third Culture - Chapter 1 Chapter 1 GEORGE C. WILLIAMS "A Package of Information" Niles Eldredge: I remember the English evolutionary geneticist John Maynard Smith remarking to me that he was astonished to find out that George Williams wasn't in our National Academy. Williams finally got elected in 1993.

That led to his paper on how to use evolutionary ideas to interpret the observations one makes in infectious diseases — the symptoms and signs seen in the host. html (9 of 15) [13-08-2002 21:35:44] The Third Culture - Chapter 1 tremendously useful in medicine. I had already been thinking about senescence and life histories in general, and certainly senescence is a medical problem. From general population genetics I knew something about inherited disorders. These are quite different kinds of medical problems, but all of them are susceptible to evolutionary interpretations, in ways that it seems to me would benefit the practice of medicine.

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