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By V. L. Girko (auth.)

Vyacheslav L. Girko is Professor of arithmetic within the division of utilized information on the nationwide college of Kiev and the college of Kiev Mohyla Academy. he's additionally affiliated with the Institute of arithmetic, Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. His examine pursuits comprise multivariate statistical research, discriminant research, scan making plans, identity and keep an eye on of complicated structures, statistical equipment in physics, noise filtration, matrix research, and stochastic optimization. He has released broadly within the components of multidimensional statistical research and thought of random matrices.

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Let B be antisymmetric complex n x n-matrices. 5) j exp(Bx, x)dx = v'det 2B, where by the square root is meant its primary value. Let B be real antisymmetric matrices. They can be represented in the form B = TAT', where T is a real orthogonal matrix, and Ai) o ' i = P, o, ... ,o} , §5 Integration on Grassmann and Clifford Algebras where k is an integer smaller than n + 1. It is easy to check that n~=1 Yi det T n~=1 Zi, where of this, = J exp(Bz,Z)dz = 21 ii = Tz. J exp[2(A1Y1Y2 + A2Y3Y4 + ... + AkY2k-1Y2k) = {2n/2 A1 ...

3. 2 and the additional condition that the distribution of the random vectors (~j;, OJ I, I = i,11 + i-I), j = 1,11 with fixed ~j k, Ojs, k ::f. i, s = i,11 + i-I is mvariant according to orthogonal transformation. Then 26 Proof. 2, we have x [~~:. 7) i4. iF/2, 0, ... iPf2, 0, ... iF/2, [L:~=l Or;]l/2, 0, ... , ... ,Okn- d, k = 2, n are n- dimensional row vectors; Om-l, Ok-n+1 are m-1 and k-n+ 1dimensional vectors which have only zero elements; matrix 3(m-l)x(n-l) is obtained from the matrix 3 mxn by deleting the first column vector; and the matrix O(k-n+l)x(n-l) is obtained from the matrix Okx(n-l) by deleting the first n - 1 column vectors.

2 the random variable det W has such moments as the random variable det Rn TI7=1 X;'+l-i' where xl, i = 1,2, ... are independent random variable and have X 2 distribution with i degrees of freedom. Let Pie be the moments of a random variable det W. It is easy to obtain that the Carleman sum L~=l /L;l/Ie for moments /Lie is not convergent. Consequently the distribution function which has moments /Lie is single. We can assert this fact with the help of another approach called the method of random orthogonal transformations.

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