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By Jeff Foster

The approach of Rest gathers approximately two hundred of Jeff Foster’s most provoking essays, poems, and reflections on restoring and reviving ourselves once we believe exhausted or defeated. Drawing from his own journey—including his personal struggles with affliction and depression—Jeff invitations us to consider “the manner of relaxation” and its strength to rework our event of:

• Imperfection—how we're “gloriously wrong” but whole precisely as we are

• no longer knowing—how we come to belief within the higher intelligence of life

• depression and loneliness—how we discover ways to unlock the therapeutic energies of “exquisite sensitivity”

• usual moments—recognizing and receiving “the closest factor of all”

• ache and discontent—how our frustrations develop into a gap to deep peace

• Love—rediscovering who we're past our conscientiously built facades

• Silence—discovering the vibrancy of residing by means of letting pass of suggestions and concepts

“I wish the phrases during this booklet motivate, problem, and inspire you. yet so much of all, i am hoping they assist you do not forget that you're lifestyles, inseparable from the facility that grows the plants and provides start to galaxies,” writes Jeff Foster. The approach of relaxation brings you his companionship and help everytime you desire it most.

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They just want to be felt, now. They are not wrong. They are your lost children, orphans of awakening, and just want to move and be felt. Sometimes life brings us to our knees so that we will feel everything we’ve been running away from all our lives. And yes, the “meeting” may hurt. But perhaps feeling the hurt is the beginning of healing, not the ending of it. And watch the mind. How it constantly spins, rewinds, and fast-forwards, constantly leaves the present scene of your life, here and now.

Something alive and vital cannot “fit in,” no matter how hard it tries. Therein lies the rub—and the freedom. The secret? Everybody is trying to fit in, and nobody feels like they fit in . . even when they seem to fit in! Fitting in is not possible when you realize that you are alive and therefore have no fixed self, no constant shape, no “hole” with your name on it. Because even if you were to fit in, even if they finally let you into the club, at what cost would that come to your mental health, your sanity, your inner peace, your awakening?

Perhaps the contraction you feel in your belly is about to give way to glorious expansion. Perhaps your frustration just wants to frustrate itself fully and be felt, fully. Perhaps this moment contains no mistakes! Perhaps the relief you will feel in time will be infinitely sweeter for your having suffered so deeply. Perhaps your suffering is teaching you humility, and gratitude, and quietude, and compassionate understanding of the pain of others, and trust—unbreakable trust in life’s strange processes.

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