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By Johnson, Megan

In a startling and unique poetic voice, Megan Johnson within the ready finds a vigilant younger one who has suffered an unmentionable loss and who dismantles and reconstitutes lyric modes in a constant look for solace. A lyric experience of grief and seek, The ready reinvents language from uncooked fabrics, pushed by means of excessive emotional need.

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To whisper walnut and skin while sleeping you remain too far. Dead in mouth the chest swallows and swallows. [ 43 * A crate across the way to which a timeline attests to bones decayed the earth. Fiery rain accumulates and stripped clean plummets like money. You step out of the way the x calls out your name here the mud and holding me back. I think to see history’s nails through skin. I love(d) you like a wishing well damp with sweat. The memory cannot serve the fits and flights. 44 ] * Inside the fabric bit by shame a homecoming banner.

There — the town drunk is ripping his shirt. There — the postman dons new galoshes and so on and so. * And the lilacs across the pool table come into view, a decision to water the indifference so it grows at a steady pace. A most Hare Krishna day to you. I was lounging til time did bring me back. All the pleasantries erupted from your face and your feet couldn’t keep the sidewalk parallel. Like a dusty bedside book. Like the atom particle you saw minus magnifying glass. * When I arrive the song asks to be let out.

There’s magenta stuck to my head you’re not even looking. Crossed the mosquito bite once once once for permanence. Stilted drunk party slurring the cattails. But I don’t wanna go. I will put on my clown suit, thickening behooves you somehow, your ankles pricked with what the wind. I will dance, slit the backs of my wrists. [ 19 Why not examine how time does not change much at all Again June cupboards seeping heat. Park & ride summertime didn’t you hear me through the floor last night I thought it was a romantic dehydration fit.

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