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390 web page hardcover publication by means of Robert Ardrey.

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Despite the hazards of his profession, the proprietor almost always bests the challenger. Selection throughout the herd has brought only top specimens to the arena, so all are quite equally matched. Possession of a territory offers some mysterious advantage usually sufficient to guarantee victory for the defender. In his first fifteen months of intensive observation, Buechner saw the challenger win on only a dozen or so occasions. Champions fall, of course, but usually from exhaustion. They fail to return from foraging or, returning, fail to regain their posts.

Such fields are many. Environment exists within your body, where physiological combinations will face germs and parasites from the outside world; some combinations will succeed and others will fail, and the survivors in a population after sufficient generations will perfect a heritable genetic arrangement to provide a degree of immunity for descendants. This is what happened in Europe in the Middle Ages when developing communications with Asia brought us strange diseases for which we had no immunities.

I must hasten to confess, of course, that I cannot blame all [34] on the depression. I might perhaps have done better financially had I not been imbued with such unforgettable standards of literary excellence as flowed from the immaterial soul of Thornton Wilder, my mentor for five un-forgettable years. In any event, the 1930's were impressive times. If you were an American, there was unending unemployment at home and Adolf Hitler across the seas. If you were a European, there was unending unemployment at home and Adolf Hitler next door.

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