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Because the bright moon is actually pointed at; they both lose sight of the finger and fail to distinguish between (the states of) brightness and darkness. Why? Because they mistake the finger for the bright moon and are not clear about brightness and darkness. ‘Likewise, if you mistake your (intellect which) hears my preaching voice for your (true mind), the latter’s discerning nature should be independent of that differentiated voice. For instance, when a traveller spends the night at an inn, he does so for a time and then leaves, not staying there for ever: as to the inn-keeper, he has nowhere else to go for he owns the inn.

As the Buddha now disclosed the profound, bright, allembracing True Mind about which he had not previously heard, he was moved to tears, but his comprehension by means of illusory mind of the Teaching did not mean his experiential awakening to True Mind. Therefore, he dared not pretend that he had really wakened to the fundamental Mind-ground and asked the Buddha to remove his doubt on this point. Although the ancients had unshaken faith in their self-minds, they could not attain real awakening until they had settled their doubts about their self-minds.

What are these two basic inversions? ânanda, the first is the basic root of birth and death caused, since the time without beginning, by the wrong use of a clinging mind which people mistake for their own nature, and the second is their attachment to causal conditions (which screen) the basically bright essence of consciousness which is the fundamentally pure and clean substance of Nirvanic Enlightenment. 10 10. The Buddha, before teaching the Great Samàdhi, revealed the root cause of birth and death by declaring that since the time without beginning all living beings had given rise to all sorts of inversion because of their karmic delusion about Basic and Fertilized Ignorance.

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