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By Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Dor?'s engravings for The Rime are thought of by way of many to be his maximum paintings. The terrifying area of the open sea, the storms and whirlpools of an unknown ocean, the new equatorial seas swarming with monsters, the ice of Antarctica, extra — are all rendered in a robust demeanour. complete textual content and 38 plates.

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The naked hulk alongside came, And the twain were casting dice; " The game is done! " Quoth she, and whistles thrice. The Sun's rim dips; the stars rush out: At one stride comes the Dark; With far-heard whisper, o'er the sea, Off shot the spectre-bark. A t the rising of the Moon, One after another, His shipmates drop down dead ; But LIFE-IN- DEATH begins her work on the ancient Mariner. 30 We listened and looked sideways up! Fear at my heart, as at a cup, My life-blood seemed to sip! The stars were dim, and thick the night, The steersman's face by his lamp gleamed white; From the sails the dew did dripTill clomb above the eastern bar The horned Moon, with one bright star Within the nether tip.

Within the shadow of the ship I watched their rich attire: Blue, glossy green, and velvet black, They coiled and swam; and every track Was a flash of golden fire. Their beauty and their happiness. 40 He blesseth them in his heart. O happy living things! no tongue Their beauty might declare: A spring of love gushed from my heart, And I blessed them unaware: Sure my kind saint took pity on me, And I blessed them unaware. The spell begins to break. The self-same moment I could pray; And from my neck so free The Albatross fell off, and sank Like lead into the sea.

PART THE SECOND His shipmates cry out against the ancient Mariner, for killing the bird of good luck. T HE Sun now rose upon the right: Out of the sea came he, Still hid in mist, and on the left Went down into the sea. And the good south wind still blew behind, But no sweet bird did follow, NOT any day for food or play Came to the mariners' hollo! And I had done a hellish thing, And it would work 'em woe: For all averred, I had killed the bird That made the breeze to blow. Ah wretch! said they, the bird to slay, That made the breeze to blow!

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