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By Gurdjieff, Georges Ivanovitch; Salzmann, Jeanne; Gurdjieff, Georges Ivanovitch

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I am aware of tensions, even the smallest, but I do not know what tension is. Then I feel breathing, which I do not know . . in a body that I do not know, surrounded by people I do not know. . My mind becomes quiet. I begin to see that real knowing is possible only in the moment when my attention is full, when consciousness fi lls everything. Then there are no distinctions—one thing is not more than another. There is pure existence. The creative act is the vision of what takes place. I learn to watch.

Consciousness is always consciousness of self. I need to feel that this Presence forms itself in me. It is only by working to be present that my attention will develop. In each event of life there is a double movement of involution and evolution. The effort I can make with my ordinary means, the only effort that is incumbent on me, is one of voluntary passivity—a conscious effort. The attitude we take, our inner and outer posture, is at the same time our aim and our way. IN A PASS IV E STAT E 13.

And it requires a defi nite feeling, a feeling of love for being, for being present. We must respond to impressions no longer from the vantage point of personality but from love for being present. This will transform our whole way of thinking and feeling. The fi rst necessity is to have an impression of myself. ” arises. For an instant there is a stop, an interval that allows my energy, my attention, to change direction. It turns back toward me, and the question now touches me. This energy brings a vibration, a note that did not sound until now.

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