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By Michael Brown

This day all of us face an expanding movement of occasions approximately which we may perhaps think we will be able to do not anything. this isn't real. it is important we now experientially become aware of we're each one accountable for navigating the standard of our own adventure. This booklet teaches us tips on how to embody real own accountability. It unearths the mechanics shaping the best way we think approximately our lifestyles and the way we take place our event in a fashion empowering us to reply consciously to each side of our lives. It deals an easy, functional method of achieving and holding own peace in the middle of accelerating switch, soreness, clash, and chaos.

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The t h i n k i n g m i n d wants noise, movement, excitement, constant change, and what it perceives as "newness". Yet life in its truest essence is not "new". Life is always what it has been and w i l l never change from its essential truth. In this light, life in this world is an endless s t i l l ness and silence that flows in and out of form upon a tide of ongoing cycles. These cycles are not repetition; they are reinforcement. In this world of phenomenon, they are the very heartbeat of Beingness.

This commitment must be made unconditionally because we w i l l not know what the experience of The Presence Process is really about u n t i l we reach a point of completion. Part I of this book is carefully designed to give the encouragement and information necessary for us to make this commitment. The greater part of this journey is designed to take us into and through places w i t h i n ourselves w i t h which we may as yet not be familiar. Therefore, it is inevitable that we w i l l have experiences in which it feels as if we do not know where we are going or in which we do not understand what is happening to us.

We must be open to the possibility 29 THE PRESENCE PROCESS that we may have been wrong about everything. If we think we know exactly what is going on in every aspect of our life experience, it w i l l be challenging for us to surrender to this Process because we can only grow when we admit we do not know. T h o u g h it is definitely not essential, it is strongly recommended that individuals choosing to enter The Presence Process do so in pairs. N o t that this Process is actually accomplished together.

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