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By Walter Wink

In our fast moving secular international, God and theology  are second-class voters. funds, politics, activities, and technology appear higher fitted to the  hard realities of our international. because the church steeple has been eclipsed through the skyscraper because the centerpiece of the city panorama, so has the divine realm been put aside in desire of extra instant human event. One unhappy final result of this shift is the lack of religious and theological bearings, so much sincerely glaring in our lack of ability to appreciate or talk about such issues. If the outdated method of viewing the universe not works, anything else has to switch it.

The Powers That Be reclaims the divine realm as principal to human lifestyles via supplying new methods of figuring out our international in theological phrases. Walter Wink reformulates old suggestions, comparable to God and the satan, heaven and hell, angels and demons, principalities and powers, in gentle of our glossy adventure. He is helping us see heaven and hell, sin and salvation, and the powers that form our lives as tangible components of our daily adventure, instead of as mysterious phantoms. in accordance with his analyzing of the Bible and research of the area round him, Wink creates an entire new language for speaking approximately and to God. outfitted with this clean international view, we will embark on a brand new dating with God and our global into the subsequent millennium.

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We must view this schema as both temporal and simultaneous, in sequence and all at once. Temporally: the Powers were created, they are fallen, and they shall be redeemed. This can be asserted as belief in the final triumph of God over the forces of evil. But this schema is also simultaneous: God at one and the same time upholds a given political or economic system, since some such system is required to support human life; condemns that system insofar as it is destructive of fully human life; and presses for its trans/ormation into a more humane order.

Subsystems may violate the harmony of the whole system by elevating their own purposes above all others, but they cannot separate themselves from the larger order of things-any more than cancer can live apart from its host. And like a cancer, the Powers are able to do evil only by means of processes embedded in them as a result of their good creation. Even gangs manifest the human need for security, support, and love. The task of redemption is not restricted to changing indi­ viduals, then, but also to changing their fallen institutions.

Or they may not have had secure title to the land; even though their 38 T H E P O W E R S T H AT B E family had been farming it for generations, they lost it to a large plantation with crafty lawyers and hired guns. Perhaps the farmer ends up as a day laborer on his old land; perhaps the family drifts to the big city. Either way, they get poorer and poorer. In the city, unable to find work, they pick over the garbage in the huge dump. Or, back on the plantation, the farmer finds that his wages don't come close to covering what he owes to the company store.

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