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By John Friel Ph.D., Linda Friel M.A.

Whether interacting in political arenas or playgrounds, enterprises or school rooms, boardrooms or bedrooms, we as a kingdom have fueled a virulent disease of undesirable habit. From political correctness agendas to the fake vanity move, from absent mom and dad to helicopter mom and dad, many adults constructed tremendous bad methods of impending the normal conflicts in our day-by-day lives. With a distorted worldview that is black-and-white, all or not anything, too many folks react in extremes--they both blow up or rage (the nasty bully) or allow others stroll everywhere them (the great pushover).

In this illuminating booklet, the Friels clarify that strength with out graciousness leads to bullying and nastiness. Graciousness with out energy ends up in being a doormat. besides the fact that, strength tempered with graciousness elevates us past our merely animalistic selves—it produces competence, gratitude, humility, and effectiveness, attributes which are sorely missing in brand new international the place entitlement, narcissism, and incivility reign ideally suited. by way of studying how to define and stability this energy quarter among sufferer and wrongdoer, somebody can cease dysfunctional styles of habit and ignite confident switch. in reality, the Friels exhibit how even one very small swap held firmly for 6 to 12 months may cause extra system-wide swap than anything you are able to do. during the last twenty-seven years, their Clearlife® health center software has helped greater than 6,000 humans establish and alter ingrained styles of habit, ideals, and feelings.

With case stories, pop-culture examples, and state-of-the-art neuroscience, the Friels supply an enthralling examine incivility, with a much-needed prescriptive plan to heal. This buzz-worthy booklet would definitely have humans pondering, In a state that is too nasty and too great, during which camp do I belong, and what am I going to do approximately it?

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And last, we thank our nieces and nephews and “the grand ones,” Brian and his daughter Scarlett; Carrie, her husband Holger, and children Dylan and Quinn; Mark, his wife Linh, and their children Liem and Tai; John Michael; and Mary Joanna (in Hebrew, “God is gracious”) Friel. In Mary Joanna’s memory, we offer a special thanks to you for all of the joy and love and spirituality that you brought into the world and that you shared with so many people. You left this world too soon. Or maybe you left just when you were supposed to.

And as long as the bargain they struck was not subject to any extreme outside influences or unusual stressors, they could sail along looking like the perfect couple, all the while rarely connecting emotionally in the ways that deeply intimate, grown-up, truly passionate, erotic couples do. Things changed. And when things change in a fragile system that looks great on the surface but has little of substance underneath, the system rapidly collapses. If one of the two partners also tends toward BPD, then even more dramatic consequences often ensue.

Approximately 140,000 years ago Africa became essentially uninhabitable, and the few remaining modern humans headed for caves on the South African coast, where they used their more flexible brainpower not just to hunt for animals but also to gather fruits and berries. They developed more sophisticated tools. They discovered the relationship between the phases of the moon and the tides so that they could head to the shore at low tide and gather shellfish. Approximately 25,000 years ago, they began to use red ochre to create symbols and art, painted their bodies, and wore ornaments—that is, they began to store information outside of their own brains.

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