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By Raimondo Cubeddu

Lately, the Austrian university has been an influential contributor to the social sciences. The Philosophy of the Austrian university presents a philosophically grounded account of the School's methodological, political, and fiscal rules. Raimondo Cubeddu recognizes vital adjustments among the major figures within the School--Menger, Mises and Hayek--but additionally reveals very important parallels among those thinkers. the speculation of subjective price and the idea of spontaneous order, which either relaxation on principles in regards to the barriers of human wisdom, are an important of those parallels. Drawn jointly, those theories symbolize probably the most unique avenues of analysis within the social sciences and a big reformulation of liberal ideology.

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Scientism and constructivism, as well as the constructivism associated with these schools of thought, thus in effect mistook for «facts what are no more than provisional theories, models constructed by the popular mind to explain the 36 THE PHILOSOPHY OF THE AUSTRIAN SCHOOL connection between some of the individual phenomena which we observe». e. as the result following from human actions intended to achieve precisely that very goal. Its ‘constructivist contractualism’ was not restricted to considering social institutions as the outcome ensuing from a human plan, but also embraced the idea that they must be ‘built’ in accordance with the methods and ends of its own conception of natural science.

130 So here too, interest revolved around the theme of epistemological economics. 131 To dwell so insistently on the critique of a theoretically inconsistent epistemology may appear eccentric. Yet this is not the case at all. For it was precisely in the negation of a theoretical science of human action and of an economic science endowed with laws having universal and perennial validity that Mises identified one of the foundations of the belief in the possibility of socialistic organizations. 132 Accordingly, the possibility of a socialistic economy was seen as linked to the demonstration of the historicity of the market economy and of the theory of human action by which it is under-pinned.

If the prime cause were fully known to the whole of mankind there would be no history, nor philosophy. If, on the other hand, it were not fully known to all of mankind, the problem of its knowability would ultimately be confused with that of the way different and contrasting interpretations cluster together and give shape to history. The fact remains, however, that this knowledge would not exclude the possibility of individual or collective behaviour contrary to what has been established theoretically: a possibility that can only be ruled out by thinking of an 22 THE PHILOSOPHY OF THE AUSTRIAN SCHOOL efficient totalitarian organization.

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