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By Gail Dixon Paul Parsons

As essentially the most recognizable photographs in technological know-how, the periodic desk is ingrained in our tradition. First drawn up in 1869 by way of Dmitri Mendeleev, its 118 components make up not just every little thing on our planet but in addition every little thing within the whole universe.

The Periodic desk seems on the attention-grabbing tale and excellent makes use of of every of these components, even if stable, liquid or gasoline. From the little-known makes use of of gold in medication to the improvement of the hydrogen bomb, every one access is followed through technical facts (category, atomic quantity, weight, boiling element) awarded in easy-to-read headers, and a colour-coding process that is helping the reader to navigate throughout the assorted teams of elements.

A striking show of thought-provoking technology and lovely images, this advisor will permit the reader to find the area afresh.

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However, unlike iron, which will rust and gradually wear away, aluminum oxide (alumina) provides a protective coating and is particularly hard. This accounts for aluminum’s extensive use in the aerospace, railway, shipping and construction industries, and in food containers and cooking utensils. The name aluminum is derived from the Latin word alumen, meaning “alum,” which is a naturally occurring salt that was used in Roman times to stop bleeding. It is still in use today in the form of styptic pencils, which help to heal shaving cuts.

Several different forms of carbon were known to the ancients—such as charcoal, coal and graphite—but it wasn’t clear to them that these substances were just different facets of the same thing. This was established chemically in the 18th century. In 1779, German–Swedish chemist Carl Wilhelm Scheele showed that graphite contained carbon. Seven years later, a French team showed that graphite was, in fact, made mostly of carbon. Carbon is the 15th most abundant element in the Earth’s crust; the planet’s biosphere alone is home to 2,000 billion tons of the stuff.

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