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By John McDonald

The Message of a grasp is the tale of a probably wonderful switch that occurs in a guy after he meets a real grasp of existence. He learns, and stocks with us, teachings that permit him to boost his powers in order that he can accomplish whatever he wants.

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And thus it goes, on and on, like leaks in a steam pipe, scattering its wonderful power everywhere but getting nowhere. Why is the Inner mind thus thwarted in every move it makes toward accomplishment? Why? Because the Outer judges everything by what the eye and ear reports and transmit that message to the Inner. What do we find humanity doing? We find them taking pictures of what they experience daily in the outer world, developing the sensitized film, then printing those pictures upon themselves within.

The one who preaches such a doctrine is untrue to himself, for, while such remarks are proceeding from his lips, the desire for the good things of life is gnawing at his heart. com All Rights Reserved Page 38 The Message of a Master avoided referring to my method, so that you might have your entire freedom of interpretation and decision. But since I feel prompted to do so, I will give you a hint of how I work, advising that you let this not influence or change you in your method, because of it having come from me.

When we can do this, we have mastery. And not before. Well, then, you would say, the need must be to discipline the Outer mind, since it seems to be the offender. Just so. But since it meets up with thousands of experiences almost daily, ordinary methods of training might require years to accomplish results. Or, at best, such training would be a long-drawn-out process. There is a quicker and better way. com All Rights Reserved Page 30 The Message of a Master operation, employs the usefulness of the Outer mind without taking into account its vacillating willfulness.

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