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They are, from the top: Pietro Aretino, by Titian, a writer with a poisonous pen, who asked her for money and received good advice. Baldassare Castiglione, by Raphael, author of the famous Courtier, the treatise Castiglione, author of the Courtier, a on the ideal type of the Renaissance gentleman. Pietro Bembo, by Titian, a cious living" prelate spondents included poets, philosophers, theologians, painters, statesmen. Among these latter was Baldassare manual on "grawhich put forth standards of good beha- vior as well as the advantages of intellectual attainment.

Xt page: The thoughtful profile of the Persian Sybil. 40 A GRAVE FOR FOUR GREAT MEN There were two interested parties in the rebuilding of San Lorenzo first, the Pope, son of Lorenzo the Magnificent, then close to him, another Medici also in the Vatican, Cardinal Giulio, illegitimate son of Lorenzo the Magnificent's murdered brother. This prelate seemed to take even more interest than did the : Pope in the project for the fagade. To this, besides the Tuscan geometric divisions of the pediment, there was to be added an unprecedentedly complex group of statues: a kind of "sacred colloquy" between the most revered saints of the church, on the one hand, and the leaders of the Medici family on the other.

The others can be found on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, poring over immense books in which are contained the secrets of future ages, or they are in a state of suspension, listening for a celestial message. All his life Michelangelo was attracted by the mystery of those seers who found traces of the presence of God in the history of mankind. It was for this reason that he wanted to set up their marble effigies to guard the tomb monumemory of his great and awesome pontiff. But the true ment to Julius II was to consist in having his forever linked to the Sistine Chapel.

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