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By Mary Lutyens

Having formerly written 3 books on Krishnamurti, this booklet covers the entire tale of his existence and philosophy. the writer knew him in India no longer lengthy after the leaders of the Theosophists chanced on him, as a boy in India, believing him to be the motor vehicle for the arrival Messiah. the tale of his schooling and adjustment to the western global is explored, his later denial of his Messianic position and his emergence as a global instructor who attracted the eye of the United international locations and the main eminent in several fields corresponding to Nehru, Dalai Lama, Bernard Shaw, Aldous Huxley, Mrs Gandhi, Iris Murdoch, David Bohm and Bernard Levin.

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I am the helper if you will let Me help. These lines, very different from the other messages, are more in the style of the poems which Krishna was soon to be writing. 47 7 ‘An old dream is dead’ Lady Emily’s husband was strongly opposed to the Sydney plan when he heard of it, but when Miss Dodge offered to pay both her return fare and those of the four girls, there was nothing he could do to prevent it without the risk of breaking up his marriage. It was doubtful whether Krishna was aware of his opposition for, although he was against marriage for would-be disciples, he was not a home breaker.

Was looking at me all the time and I said that I felt very 29 strange and I said ‘Oh! ’ For I did not want her to think I was ‘inspired’ or anything of that kind but all the same I felt really inspired and very strange... I had to get up and stand a bit and collect my ideas. I assure you mother it was most strange, most strange. Between ourselves absolutely, in the Theosophical language, there was someone there but I did not tell her. Nitya visited Krishna in Paris in February 1920, and he and Madame de Manziarly became very fond of each other.

You don’t know how I am feeling. I have never realised it all before and what it means... ‘Enough of idle wishing. ’ How one is miserable!! God bless you. The brothers received a royal welcome when they arrived at Bombay and Adyar. At Adyar, Mrs Besant had built for them their own room with a verandah, on top of a house connected to the Headquarters building where she herself lived, and with the best view in Adyar over the river to where it joins the sea. They both thought Adyar the most beautiful place they had ever seen.

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