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By Peter F. Clarke

Those essays position the "historical" Keynes within the context of his personal instances to check the industrial doctrines linked to his identify. the writer explores Keynes' significant works and ideas: his concepts on uncertainty and self assurance; and his dedication to the politics of persuasion.

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7 This reading of 'My Early Beliefs' is also consistent with much of the Keynesian dehunking of the last two decades. For it is a short step from the impression of an apolitical young Keynes to the view of the mature economist as either an unreconstructed rationalist or an over-contident technocrat - and, in either case, betraying an impatience with, or an incomprehension of, the political processes of the real world. L. ge the application of his policy views in a vulgar contemporary political selling, in which parties of all persuasions are continuously tempted to yield to such pressures as numerous private vestedinterest groups, including the bureaucracy, and the necessity of vote-gathering in order to win elections.

43 One difference that the General Theory made to policy-making was that its widespread acceptance by the rising generation of academic economists put the Treasury on the defensive, no longer confident of the sanction of orthodoxy. With the danger of going down with the sinking ship staring it in the face. the Treasury took its cue from Sir Richard Hopkins, whose tussles with Keynes, stretching back to the sillings of the Macmillan Commillee on Finance and Industry in 1930, had been an education for both of them.

This is essentially what I aim to do in this essay. integrating themes which I e~plore more fully in several essays reprinted below. which are cited hereafter by shon title and chapter number in this volume. I am grateful to Bradley Bateman. Stefnn Collini. Susan Howson, John Thompson and Maria Tippell for constructive criticism of curlier drufts. ian Economic.. llnd the Economic.. of Keyne .. W. Hutchison. Keyne.. ' . ? (Institute of Economic Affairs, 1977). , Vol.

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