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By Lama Zopa Rinpoche

During this publication, Lama Zopa Rinpoche teaches on one in all his favourite topics--compassion. He tells us that compassion for others is tips to conquer any stumbling blocks we stumble upon, in our Dharma perform, or profession and lifestyles itself, and the easiest drugs for treating any ailment we adventure. although, those teachings aren't restricted to compassion. Rinpoche additionally explains vacancy, karma and lots of different crucial Buddhist topics. As ever, his teachings are transparent, suitable, funny and direct--a ideal advisor to creating our lives significant.

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Ge t t i ng t he be st f rom you r l if e ... 51 for the tigers, he came back later and sacrificed his body so that they could live. He and Maitreya Buddha were both bodhisattvas at the time, and Maitreya Buddha also felt compassion, but didn’t give up his life for the tigers. But because his bodhicitta was stronger, Guru Shakyamuni Buddha did, and as a result he became enlightened before Maitreya Buddha. Therefore, it seems that in our lives, of all the billions of different Dharma practices that we could do, of all the many different forms of practice that there are, the most important is that of compassion for sentient beings.

All this is through the kindness of sentient beings. Even though the immediate source of these benefits of prostrating to the holy object is the buddha, when you trace the evolution back you will find that their actual source is sentient beings, that you received these ten benefits through the kindness of each sentient being. The root of all the temporary and ultimate happiness you get from holy objects— statues, stupas or paintings or pictures of buddha—is sentient beings. The inconceivable skies of benefit that you gain by circumambulating, prostrating, putting your palms together, or making offerings to these holy objects derives from sentient beings.

Therefore, by doing Vajrasattva practice or even the Thirty-five Buddhas just once—not taking into account all the other different practices but simply considering doing Vajrasattva meditation or reciting the powerful names of the Thirty-five Buddhas just once—you can purify ... ge t t i ng t he be st f rom you r l if e ... 41 not only having to experience rebirth in the lower realms but also the worst of the four results—that really bad one, the terrifying one, the one that is the worst of all, worse even than rebirth in hell—the result of engaging in the same negative actions again and again.

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