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By Steve Pace

E-book covers the improvement of the Grumman X-29 application.

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MALTA RELIEF 60 Two reasons have been given For rhe easing of rhe heavy air raids on Malra. One is rhar many of rhe aircraFr sene co rhe Medirerranean were needed back in Russia in readiness For rhe 1942 summer campaign on rhe easrern Frone. The orher was rhar rhe renewed offensive by Rommel was making such rremendous gains in irs advance on Egypr rhar rhe ulcimare Fall of Cairo, and subsequenc Axis conquesr of rhe Nile Oelra, were now regarded very much as Forgone conclusions. This in curn meane rhar an airborne invasion of Malra was no longer a necessilY· For rhe second year in a row rhe bombing of Malra had been premacurely called oFF - or ar lease allowed co wirher on rhe vine.

KG 77 aircraft wings its way across the Mediterranean. Note the coloured spinner rings Above .. /lG 1's 'l1+NH', being inspected by members of an unidentified Hurricane squadron at Gazala landing Strip 3, appears to be intact (note the 'last two' again repeated in white on the rudderl ... Right 74 ... and no, this is not the Russian steppe, but another desert landing ground. The hammer-and-sickle flag fluttering behind the sad remains of 'l1 +EK' is the unofficial standard of an RAF fighter unit (possibly No 134 Sqn, which had spent two months stationed at Vaenga, in the Soviet Union, in late 1941) 75 a:: ::::l o u...

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