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By Jeffrey C. Williams

This publication bargains an evidence of why commodity processors and buyers use futures markets. It argues that they use futures contracts as a part of an implicit approach to borrowing and lending commodities, opposite to the permitted view of purchasers averse to the fluctuating price in their inventories short of coverage opposed to expense danger. utilizing versions built to give an explanation for the call for for cash, this booklet demonstrates that risk-neutral buyers have enough cause to take advantage of futures markets. in addition, the publication exposes significant inner inconsistencies within the permitted clarification. instead of coverage markets, the suitable analogy is the money industry, that's the purpose the e-book establishes via discussing genuine personal loan markets in commodities. This perception into the functionality of futures markets is then used to provide an explanation for how futures costs for various supply dates exhibit a time period constitution of commodity-specific rates of interest and why futures markets flourish for a few sorts of commodities and never for others.

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In effect, soybean oil for delivery ten months later was selling at a 40% discount from oil for immediate delivery. A comparison of the spreads in soybean oil to those in wheat shows that although spreads below full carrying charges may emerge at much the same time,29 there is sufficient independent movement among them to ensure that the spreads in one commodity cannot be deduced from those in another. 30 Further, in some years in the early 1980s the spreads in wheat were negative while those in soybean oil were positive.

Vertical integration, a firm internalizing its customers or its suppliers, also makes a number of important markets and their prices implicit. The point made here is not the same issue as vertical integration. The issue here is whether a firm charges implicitly or explicitly for its service, whatever is the range of activities encompassed in that single price. 46 The economic function of futures markets Within a set of markets, the choice of which market is implicit depends upon small differences in brokerage fees, trading rules, computational convenience, legal precepts, and so forth.

Or more accurately, if the commodity is not used, an opportunity is lost. If a chair is put into storage and the employees of the warehouse are not allowed to sit on it, the service provided by the chair is wasted. Consequently, in the equilibrium relationship, from the perspective of a storer who is allowed to use the commodity, the price of physical storage enters positively and the use charge (or rental fee) enters negatively. These can be kept separate or combined, as a matter of commercial convenience.

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