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The Dude De Ching is an interpretation of the Tao Te Ching for fans of Dudeism. Dudeism is an genuine faith with over 70,000 ordained "Dudeist Priests." it really is encouraged generally by means of Taoism and the Coen Brothers' 1998 movie "The tremendous Lebowski." This humorous and encouraging ebook of religious classes can assist you're taking it effortless and abide within the face of any gutterballs which are thrown your method. each one verse is by means of the unique Tao Te Ching (Peter Merel's interpolation) to assist convey the similarity among Dudeism and Taoism. observe: All royalties earned from the sale of this booklet will visit a fund that might be offered to the charity site Please stopover at Dudeism at to determine extra. The Dude De Ching is illustrated through award-winning secret novelist and cartoonist Colin Cotterill.

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Tao Te Ching: 25. Four Infinities Before the World exists There is mystery: Silent, depthless, Alone, unchanging, Ubiquitous and ever moving, The mother of the World. I do not know its name, so I call it Tao; I do not know its limit, so I call it infinite. Being infinite, it flows away forever Flowing away forever, it returns to the Self. The Self follows the way of the World; The World follows the way of Nature; Nature follows the way of Tao; Tao is the way. Tao is infinite, Therefore Nature is infinite, Therefore the World is infinite, Therefore the Self is infinite.

Digging The man for his time and place Takes it easy, and is calmer than you are, He hangs out in bowling alleys and other places where Careers slow down a little. So the Dude: In dwelling where it’s already the tenth, In driving a car with rust coloration, In helping his lady friend conceive, In taking any rug in the house, In patronizing the In-N-Out Burger on Camrose, In letting life go on, man, In digging your style too— He ends this thing cheap, And harm is not visited tenfold upon his head.

Far out. Tao Te Ching: 41. Taoism When the strong learn Tao, they practice it diligently; When the average learn Tao, they practice it sometimes; When the weak learn Tao, they laugh out loud; Those who do not laugh do not learn at all. Therefore it is said: Who understands Tao seems foolish; Who progresses in Tao seems to fail; Who follows Tao seems to wander. So the greatest force appears vulnerable; The brightest truth appears coloured; The richest character appears incomplete; The strongest heart appears meek; The most beautiful nature appears fickle; So the square, perfected, has no corner; Art, perfected, has no meaning; Sex, perfected, has no climax; Form, perfected, has no shape.

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