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By E. Obermiller

Reprinted from Acta Orientalia, vol. XI, 1932

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E,·' including the world of Gr08. Hodie. or of Carnal D08iro' viewed a. , the of the fou,' Stage. o w itb tbe divi si on. -Iant JI,. 3 t • • •. degrec. ten t • . r. IU = b,a". -gton bti. ,.. drOl'ya 'O,"ciPdU(l:yll� ------------- = in the correspondence Contemplation glum. Ibid. a. Ibid. 'ot\ r'og'-I'0�1 rntIl-�"yor·gyl-'(I. Ibid. a. ky••ftOWLf-�jug Mi. tJJndga Sa·IAni Jig. rtog'. ,. llokl, Ibid, 83 b. "(1 _ &c. Jlcnr'IIO�1 MO'. ·ltl tUg'-pd, cr. lom jiJ,-i· MS. 7D �-7, = po nearloJM" •. g' 6-7.

F\. p4. • '"l'tUYd". �1 ••. • IOn,aCa ,'o"'"d-IIld. tlli. llen = _ Ir:3 _ = lIlag . ,Aoft. ,em... /rytJd· I The Doctrine of Prajiill'plramiUl, &c. R lorm. ling PAth. tic l'ath 01 TrAining i. mor'9y. t 01 th••• i. 'mchog). "ttva 01 the cieiir light of intnition, which reveall to him, though but Ilightly, t the unreality of RII the element. of the external Thil i. ult of the concentrated meditation on world. d belore It il called the degroo 01 IICRt, on the Path 01 Accumulating Merit. being· like the heat which precede.

Gleg'·p4�i ,nh',po. I lOire == • rig.. , dAoMJtd·dJaiJl. 1:",. ·,"a·IJyo,. JIIY',i •. • I. Mello • cr. , Klr. ",kl,. cr. my I. 83. atlon, p. en •• we hive to d n4 Y"jyolc. tantra, p. 107. nel the word ""pti In Abhl8aml), •• II. 1. latlon, p. ltD. hl. 0' the Clo .... 01 8I1k), t86. 32 E. In the Obermiller. po·oco.. entially identical with BO'ahman-the U1tim"t. ence of the Univerae, and a. attaini ng Salvation in the coalescence with t he latter. Apart from this theory we have in the Mah�ytllla another point of view, viz.

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