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By Stuart Howe

The 1st quantity within the quantity set lines the historical past of the Mosquito from its first flight in November 1940 via to its creation and lots of editions. The aircrafts diverse post-war makes use of are defined in roles starting from oil prospecting and air racing to aerial survey. advised in images with prolonged captions and color sections, this reprinted quantity 1 combines with the recent quantity 2 to offer over 1,000 photos, making them crucial interpreting for any Mosquito fanatic.

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This aircraft was powered by the same T53-L-11 engine as the UH-1C and late model UH-1 Bs, but had an enlarged cabin capable of accommodating twelve troops or six stretchers. The first of an eventual seven YUH-1 D prototypes flew for the first time in August 1961. UH-1D: Production version of the YUH-1 D. The first of an eventual 2008 examples was delivered to the Army in August 1963. UH-1H: Production aircraft, based on the UH-1 D, incorporating a 1400 shp T53-L-13 engine. The Army began taking delivery of this variant in 1968, and has since acquired over 5000 examples (many of them upgraded UH-1Ds).

700 This photo clearly illustrates the YHO-3's small size and distinctive 'ice cream cone' shape. Note that a plexiglas bubble has been fitted to the cockpit framing directly above each crewman's head. (Hynes Helicopters) 72 73 US ARMY AIRCRAFT SINCE 1947 US ARMY AIRCRAFT SINCE 1947 CESSNA U-20 Type: Single-engined Manufacturer: Cessna Aircraft liaison and light cargo Corporation, Wichita, Kansas. transport aircraft HISTORY In 1949 the Army purchased, through an Air Force-administered contract, fifteen examples of Cessna's commercial Model 195 high-wing cabin monoplane for evaluation in the light cargo transport, liaison, and search and rescue roles.

Cs, modified rotor blades, and other detail changes. ThE? machine was the prototype for the -B model Chinook, and flew for the first time in October 1966. View from below of one of four ACH-47 A gunships modified for operational evaluation in Southeast Asia during the mid-1960s The machine seen here is armed with three 50 calibre heavy machine guns, a minigun pod, and a 19-cell launcher for 2 75 inch rockets. (Boeing Helicopters) the YHC-1 B's two 1940 shp T55 powerplants were mounted externally, one on either side of the rear pylon.

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