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Socio-Cognitive Processes Called for in the Change Laboratory The Change Laboratory setting and tools are designed to support the many complementary forms of emotional and intellectual processing necessary for transforming work practices. 4. , 1996, p. 14; reproduced with permission from KVS Foundation) The socio-cognitive processes in the Change Laboratory include emotional confrontation of problems, distanced intellectual analysis, and collective recollection and reconstruction of the path to the current situation.

A solution is sought for through an expansive reconceptualization of the object of the activity, like the change from carrying out specialized therapies in therapy sessions to making the students daily activity rehabilitative in the school example above. Such a reconceptualization also involves a change in the principle of carrying out the activity as well as the development of new tools, rules, and forms of division of labor. Even the external relationships of exchange and collaboration have to be reformed.

The purpose was to find a solution to the use of illegal seasonal labor force in the industry. A new, shared policy of quality-oriented apple production was created and implemented in the intervention (Hill, Capper, Wilson, Whatman, & Wong, 2007). An Implementation Change Laboratory process was designed and carried out for supporting the implementation of the new tools and practices created in the health care Boundary Crossing Change Laboratory mentioned above. In this Change Laboratory the practitioners analyzed and solved problems in the use of the new system on the basis of case data (Kajamaa, 2011a; Kerosuo, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2006; Kerosuo & Engeström, 2003).

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