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By Naomi Wolf

In a rustic the place the typical lady is 5-foot-4 and weighs one hundred forty kilos, videos, ads, and MTV saturate our lives with unrealistic pictures of attractiveness. The tall, approximately emaciated mannequins that push the newest miracle beauty make even the main convinced lady query her visual appeal. Feminist Naomi Wolf argues that women's insecurities are heightened through those pictures, then exploited via the vitamin, beauty, and cosmetic surgery industries. each day new items are brought to ''correct'' inherently woman ''flaws,'' drawing girls into an obsessive and hopeless cycle equipped round the try to succeed in an most unlikely general of good looks. Wolf rejects the normal and embraces the obviously exact fantastic thing about all girls.

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Since women’s appearance is used to justify their sexual harassment as well as their dismissal, the statements made by women’s clothing are continually, willfully misread. Since women’s working clothes—high heels, stockings, makeup, jewelry, not to mention hair, breasts, legs, and hips—have already been appropriated as pornographic accessories, a judge can look at any younger woman and believe he is seeing a harassable trollop, just as he can look at any older woman and believe he is seeing a dismissable hag.

Women have always been paid less than men for equal work, and the PBQ gives that double standard a new rationale where the old rationale is illegal. Men’s and women’s bodies are compared in a way that symbolizes to both the comparison between men’s and women’s careers. Aren’t men, too, expected to maintain a professional appearance? Certainly: They must conform to a standard that is well groomed, often uniformly clothed, and appropriate to their context. But to pretend that since men have appearance standards it means that the genders are treated equally is to ignore the fact that in hiring and promotion, men’s and women’s appearances are judged differently; and that the beauty myth reaches far beyond dress codes into a different realm.

Work / 31 The Background of the PBQ Where did the PBQ begin? It evolved, like the beauty myth itself, alongside women’s emancipation, and radiates outward to accompany women’s professional enfranchisement. It spreads, with women’s professionalization, out of American and Western European cities into smaller towns; from the First World to the Third World; and West to East. With the Iron Curtain drawn back, we are due to see an acceleration of its effects in the Eastern bloc countries. Its epicenter is Manhattan, where many of the women who have risen highest in the professional hierarchies are concentrated.

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