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The new forces of capitalism demanded a difference form of labour from feudalism; it demanded a wage-labourer who would sell his labour instead of a serf or slave who was tied to the land, and a master. This seemed to the African to open up possibilities of freedom and individual enterprise denied to him undei feudalism. Capitalism, moreover, with its expanding economy giving rise to the growth of industry and commerce, required a body of literate workers. It was therefore essential in the interests of capitalism to foster education to a certain extent, while to the feudalists an educated serf was anathema since he was a threat to the rigid and static system of feudalism.

Protests spread throughout the length and breadth of the country. The liberals swelled the volume of protest and none expostulated more loudly than they did. By their loud protestations they drew attention to themselves and succeeded in putting themselves at the head of the agitajtion. This was the first step in the train of events. When the African leaders arrived in Cape Town with the 1935 Resolutions of the Convention rejecting the Bills, the liberals got busy interviewing Cabinet Ministers and negotiations went on fast and furious.

The dominating thought in everybody's mind was how to remove competition and eliminate all rivalry between organisations. Each leader was to bring his followers to the Convention, and he together with the leaders of other organisations was to form a single leadership with a common aim and purpose. Mutual antagonisms and rivalry were replaced by the spirit of cooperation. The leader who jealously guarded his personal position was replaced by a unified leadership and petty sectional considerations gave way to a form of thought which embraced the whole race.

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