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By James L. Harmon

Simply in time for commencement, a wise and edgy number of suggestion for teens from dozens of the main artistic and visionary humans in the world. participants include:

Camille Paglia • Wayne Koestenbaum • Jonathan Ames • Jennifer Belle • Howard Zinn • Joe Dallesandro • Bruce LaBruce • Dr. Laura Schlessinger • Tom Robbins • Judith Butler • Martha Nussbaum Horst • William S. Burroughs • Larry Niven • Veruschka • Lydia Lunch • Spalding grey • Eileen Myles • Roger Scruton • Ken Kesey Mary Gaitskill • Richard Powers • Mark Dery • Florence King • Mark Simpson • Bob Shacochis • Joanna Scott • Quentin Crisp • Carolyn Chute • Michael Thomas Ford • Alexander Theroux • George Saunders • Charles Baxter • Ian Shoales • Fay Weldon • Bruce Benderson • Scott Russell Sanders • John Shirley • Dr. John funds • Cindy Sherman • Richard Meltzer • Gene Wolfe • Abbie Hoffman • Diane Wakowski • Richard Taylor • Bette Davis • Arthur Nersesian • Jim Harrison • Martha Gellhorn • Lucius Shepard • Dan Jenkins • Steve Stern • Murray Bookchin • John Zerzan • Maurice Vellekoop • Joel-Peter Witkin • Stewart domestic • Maxx Ardman • Katharine Hepburn • Bret Lott • Lynda Barry • Alain de Botton • Mary McCarthy • Hakim Bey • Anita O'Day • Chris Kraus • R. U. Sirius • C. D. Payne W. V. Quine • Rita Dove • Robert Creeley • Valerie Martin • Paul Krassner • Alphonso Lingis • Mark Helprin • John Rechy • Ram Dass • William T. Vollmann • Bettie web page

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Ultimately, I owe my success as an actor to my fans. An actor is in the weird position of basing some level of success on the opinions of people he doesn’t know and who really don’t know him. You’re just an image. In a way, it’s how most of us live our lives. We wonder if other people find us worthy, find us smart, find us attractive, find us valuable. Something we all neglect is that it’s not for us to be taking somebody else’s inventory. It’s not for us to be judging somebody else. The only important person we need to be judging is ourselves—we become stronger and better people when we take stock of who we are.

I then encountered what to me was beyond belief: censorship on the part of my publisher. Eventually, I went through three frustrated editors before finally pulling the book in a fit of exasperation. Take My Advice was going to be published my way or not at all (I’m a stubborn Aquarius). I threw the letters into public storage and threw myself into my twenties and didn’t look back. Yet the perspicacity of those missives had seared into my brain. ” Growing up a child of the ’80s and ’90s, I’d been accused of being too sneeringly negative, even misanthropic.

And where is the conclusive body of evidence that people learn from their mistakes? In fact, I don’t even think learning from mistakes is the right focus to begin with, since it infers there is such a thing as a path to infallibility, which is both a simple-minded and dangerous notion. Michelangelo’s mistakes, frozen within testimony of concrete—what they suggest is that mistakes are, first and foremost, a by-product of the pursuit of excellence. ”) The arena of no-mistakes is not perfectionism, though every pious figure of authority on earth would have you believe this, but mediocrity, complacency—the attitude that I permitted myself as a carpenter, knowing full well what it took to get it right.

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