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By Ana Deumert, Stephanie Durrleman-Tame

Книга constitution And version in Language touch (Creole Language Library) constitution And edition in Language touch (Creole Language Library)Книги English литература Автор: Ana Deumert, Stephanie Durrleman Год издания: 2006 Формат: pdf Издат.:John Benjamins Publishing Co Страниц: 376 Размер: 2.41 ISBN: 9027252513 Язык: Английский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:-

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First, the distribution and function of man and the negative deontic possibility, permission and physical ability items in Gbe are very close. Second, there is also a semantic similarity between the original forms. Man was reanalyzed from a construction expressing lack of physical strength literally meaning ‘he is not a man for X’ (46). The items used in negative contexts in Gbe also derive from phrases conveying physical strength (47). 15 (46) SN Mi no man va hoppo datti. c. c. 2004) (47) Aja .

He past fut may want break det(pl) sort thing there Ma a poy? A á poy! but he can he neg can B: Mmm! A á poy! (ND 1) EXCL he neg can ‘A: He wanted to destroy all these things (the power of maroons). But could he? He couldn’t! ’ O na l7 &f emi na do al˜um7 nu, you fut again say you(emph) fut plant dry-season thing ehi u˜ kpˇogˇe f, o sixu a! man det I can run fast but fifia ny6 má ti] ò. now I neg-fut can neg ‘When I was young I could run very fast but now I cannot (anymore)’ However, they do not seem to be fully lexical verbs either because they cannot be predicate-clefted, see for instance example (32) from Pamaka.

15 (1067-1148) Tracing the origin of modality in the creoles of Suriname PM ND PM J. án sa go a faansi taa wiki. J. neg may go loc France other week ‘J. may not go to France next week’ Kande alen o/sa kai tide bakadina. maybe rain fut/may fall today evening ‘It may rain this evening’ Den ná e kon, neen mi puu en, kande sama sa they neg impf come then I remove it maybe person may go de. go there ‘They [animals] were not coming, then I removed it [gun], someone may go there’ (PM-NSF) It is also possible to employ the construction a sa de taki to convey epistemic possibility (27).

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