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By Frederic Luskin, Ken Pelletier

At Stanford college, Drs. Lusking and Pelletier built ten scientifically confirmed talents for doing away with the strain, anxiousness and soreness that happen all too often in way of life. those existence talents offer a starting place for dwelling a more fit and happier lifestyles.

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Your blood pressure rises as your arteries narrow and your heart beats faster. • Your breathing becomes faster to move more oxygen to your blood. • Your muscles tense up to get ready for action. This can result in a feeling of muscular pain and stiffness or even in muscle spasms or back pain. • Your blood flow to the prefrontal cortex (or higher reasoning center) of the brain diminishes as more blood flows to the limbic (or more primitive) part of the brain. • Your digestion stops so that more blood is available for your brain and muscles.

Phase 2 includes a series of peaks and valleys that represent your body’s response to a series of challenges. For example, you work in an office and on Monday 52 STRESS FREE FOR GOOD morning go in and face an unexpected deadline. This results in a rapid increase in heart rate, breathing, muscle tension, and other vital signs indicated by the first slope of phase 2. Once that challenge has been addressed, you get a call from your child’s school saying that he has gotten in trouble. Just as you are digesting that information, your boss tells you the work you did was inaccurate and needs to be redone.

Yet he was crumbling under the pressure of helping her and the subsequent loss of free time. When we first saw Bill, his feelings of resentment toward his wife were just beginning, and with these emotions came the subsequent guilt for feeling that way. He felt trapped and saw no way out. Right away we taught Bill two of the LifeSkills. First we reminded him that he was working so hard for his wife primarily because of his love for her, not out of a sense of obligation. We’ll document for you later in this book the powerful difference your body experiences between doing something because you have to and doing it because you care.

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