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By Gerhard Oertel

Scholars of geology who can have just a modest historical past in arithmetic have to familiarize yourself with the theories of tension, pressure, and different tensor amounts, a good way to stick to, and observe to their very own learn, advancements in smooth, quantitative geology. This e-book, according to a direction taught by way of the writer at UCLA, offers the right kind creation. integrated during the 8 chapters are 136 complicated difficulties, advancing from vector algebra in ordinary and subscript notations, to the mathematical description of finite pressure and its compounding and decomposition. absolutely labored recommendations to the issues make up the biggest a part of the publication. With their support, scholars can computer screen their development, and geologists might be capable of make the most of subscript and matrix notations and formulate and remedy tensor difficulties on their lonesome. The ebook might be effectively utilized by a person with a few education in calculus and the rudiments of differential equations.

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Let the equation of the surface be: Then at the point °xi the equation of the tangent plane is: and the normal w ; to the tangent plane is: Note that the expression: in eqs. 35) does not designate a multiplication, and hence does not imply summation. 24 STRESS AND DEFORMATION Among other useful applications, the representation quadric of a second-rank tensor helps with the visualization of the relative orientations of two vectors that are interrelated by a tensor equation. The relationship is called the radiusnormal property of the representation quadric.

The remaining stresses are said to be in static equilibrium, a condition that can be expressed precisely as: where p is the local density and g the acceleration due to gravity. 6) are the static equations of equilibrium, and pgf is called a body force. Although other body forces do exist, the one due to gravity is most significant in geology. It is common practice to use the terms normal and tangential stress for the diagonal and the nondiagonal components of the stress tensor. 3. Tractions on the faces of a tetrahedron.

11). The array, ordered as in eq. 11), consists of the three sets of direction cosines of the new coordinate axes, referred to the old system, forming the three rows of the rotation matrix. The three columns so formed are also sets of direction cosines, those of the old coordinate axes referred to the new system. The rotation matrix corresponding to the array of direction angles eq. 11) is: 18 STRESS AND DEFORMATION Because each row and each column of this matrix is a unit vector, the following holds: a property that follows also from the six independent equations of the orthogonality conditions that hold for the rotation matrix: where

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