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Smooth enterprises were required to make major differences based on an accelerating expense of switch in technical, social, political, and financial forces. because of those altering forces, the administration method has develop into tougher, requiring larger talents aimed toward guiding the longer term process a firm in a swiftly evolving and unsure global. those talents are the essence of strategic administration.

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The fourth type of event confronting the decision process is the early manifestation of a new generic problem. Both the power failure and the collision of the two airplanes, for example, turned out to be only the first occurrences of what are likely to become fairly frequent events unless generic solutions are found to certain basic problems of modern technology. General rules, policies, or principles usually can be developed or adapted to deal with generic situations. Once an appropriate decision has been found, all manifestations of the same generic situation can be handled fairly pragmatically by adapting the rules or principles to the concrete circumstances of the situation.

Alternative solutions are the primary means of bringing to light the basic assumptions concerning a given problem situation, thereby forcing an examination of their validity. Alternative solutions are no guarantee, however, of wisdom or the right decision. Nevertheless, an examination of alternatives can guard against making a decision that would have been seen to be wrong if the problem had been thought through more carefully. Alternative approaches to a given decision-demanding situation differ according to the level of reflection reached.

Until the generic problem is identified, however, significant amounts of time and energy may be spent in the piecemeal application of programmed decisions to the symptoms without ever gaining control of the generic situation. The second type of occurrence is one that, although unique in a given organization, is actually a generic event. For example, the choice of a location for a new sewage plant may be a unique situation as far as the current decision makers in a community are concerned. It is, of course, a generic situation that has confronted many other communities in the past.

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