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By Patrick Ussher

Stoicism, the classical philosophy as a lifestyle practised via the Greeks and Romans, keeps to resonate within the smooth global. With over 40 essays and reflections, this e-book is concurrently a advisor to practicing Stoicism on your personal existence and to all of the diverse features of the fashionable Stoic revival. you'll know about Stoic sensible knowledge, advantage, tips on how to relate properly to others and the character of Stoic pleasure. you are going to learn of life-stories through those that instruction Stoicism at the present time, dealing with disorder and different adversities, and of the way Stoicism may be important in lots of parts of recent lifestyles, from cultivating calm within the on-line international to contributing new ideas to the environmental difficulty. And, like the historic Stoics did, key questions glossy Stoics usually ask are debated comparable to: do you want God to be a Stoic? Is the Stoic an ascetic? Containing either sensible knowledge and philosophical mirrored image, this ebook - the second one within the Stoicism this present day sequence - is for a person attracted to training the Stoic lifestyles within the glossy international.

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By Erik Wiegardt Reflections of a Practising Buddhist on Stoicism by Garry Bannister Part III: Stoicism and Society The Stoic Love of Community by Matt Van Natta Stoicism and the Environment by Christopher Gill Would A Stoic Save The Elephants? by Leonidas Konstantakos The Internet and the Dinner Party: Cultivating Stoic Calm in the Online World by Tanya Brodd How Does the Stoic Tweet? by Massimo Pigliucci Stoicism in Business - Let’s Try Something Old! by Jacob Henricson What Stoicism Taught Me About the Royal Marines by Mark Hardie A Blueprint for a Philosophical CBT by Jules Evans How to Become Virtuous - Lessons from Compassion Focussed Therapy (CFT) by Tim LeBon Is Stoicism for the Seriously and Persistently Mentally Ill (SPMI), Too?

Any person with a condition requiring medical or psychiatric attention should consult a qualified medical practitioner or suitable therapist. K. and Canada, working together to create Stoic resources for the modern day. The Stoicism Today team has organised four international ‘Stoic Weeks’ in November (from 2012-2015). Over 3,000 people took part in Stoic Week 2015, following a specially prepared booklet with day-by-day exercises and advice (which is available for free on the Stoicism Today blog).

And then there is the whole category of ‘preferable indifferents’ already referred to: things like financial means and good friends which in and of themselves make no difference to whether or not one can practise virtue but which you’d still rather have in your life. Nevertheless, whilst avoiding extremes, Stoicism was still a philosophy of restraint. So how ascetic should the modern Stoic be? Piotr Stankiewicz argues that there is a prevalent misinterpretation that Stoicism is an ascetic philosophy but Kevin Patrick argues the contrary that, although many now may hold that Stoicism does not have this austere streak, it is nevertheless in line with Stoicism to live a frugal and ascetic life.

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